Tuesday, July 8, 2014

12 Types of Arab Women Kisses

Today we are going to talk about different kind of kisses that Arab Girls do when they meet each other. All of us know that not only Arab Females but also male kiss each other to show their love and affection to others. In fact sometimes they demonstrate love and affection, may be little too much love and affection. In this article, I will be explaining about how and what kind of kisses Arab women do and what does that type of kiss mean when they meet each other.

  1. Right Left Right Cheek Kiss – in this type kiss, Arab women kiss three times starting from right then left and then again left. If you want to show more affection, increase the number of kisses. It goes as long as 6,7 right, left, right, left kisses.
  2. Right, Left Left Cheek Kiss – in this type of kiss, Arab women kiss on the right cheek first and then left cheek is kisses 3,4 times. More than 2 kisses on the left cheek show the level of affection.
  3. The Traveler’s Kiss – when somebody comes back to home after a long time, Arab usually showers this person with the unlimited number of Kisses. It shows affection and love, may be little too much affection!!!
  4. The Fast Pace Kiss – this is the kiss which women do when they want to move to another person. Generally, when they want to ignore one person and give more importance to other one. Just see how important the kiss is in Arab culture that even ignoring a person needs kiss. So, if some Arab is kissing at faster pace, just understand that she wants to go to another person.
  5. The “Say it don’t spray it” kiss – be prepared for some sloppiness in this kind of kiss. There is always one lady or man in the function who thinks it to be his/her duty to suffocate you with the saliva spray. They don’t kiss, they just spit on the other’s face. If you are in this kind of situation, try to avoid that person. If you cannot avoid him, wash your face just after she has kissed you. In fact, cleansing or bleach is recommended.
  6. The Jaw-Breaker Kiss – some people show their love for you in a very harsh way. In other words they want to show hardcore tough love. These people try their level best to break your jaw as a gesture of affection and love. It is very hard kiss, if you are not feeling good and you find a Jaw Breaker Kisser, just try to skip from the location.
  7. Don’t Ruin my Makeup Kiss – ladies take a lot of time in making denting and painting on their face. They call this denting and painting makeup. Just imagine, if someone comes and ruin their makeup with the showering kisses. So they have invented this kind of kiss in which they actually don’t kiss each other. They just stop other person with their arms on a couple of centimeter distance and create a sound of kiss. Ultimate objective is not to ruin her makeup and not to take her makeup on your face.
  8. I am Sick Kiss – if you are sick or you don’t want to kiss a special person, you don’t kiss her stating that you are sick. But keep in mind, if that other person sees you kissing someone else, you will be in trouble.
  9. Smothering your Baby Kiss – Arab love babies and in order to show their love, they need to smother their babies with thousands of kisses. It’s a beautiful relationship since they will continue to kiss the baby until baby cries at full volume. If you find any such person near to your baby, try to save your baby from such cruel kisser.
  10. The Infinity Kiss – many Arabs continue to kiss each other while they are talking. They will continue to kiss each other and continue to speak. Survey from Gallup revealed that while talking to each other during infinity kisses, Arabs kiss 150 times in 5 minutes…. Just kidding.
  11. The Manly Kiss – Arabs want to show their manliness at all times. Even Arab Women leave no stone unturned in showing their manliness. While doing this kiss, they will continue to press your hand with full pressure unless you scream.
  12. Respecting your Grand Parents Kiss – Arabs really love their grandparents. These are the persons who raised their parents and ultimately raised them. They show them respect by only kissing their hands. So, the risk of injury is only in the hands of grandparents.


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