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3 Traffic Road Safety Pillars in Saudi Arabia

Traffic safety requires effective and efficient plans, programs, traffic regulations and preventive procedures to save people, properties and the national security. There are three traffic safety pillars i.e. Vehicle, Road and Driver. This is not the first time we are publishing article for the safety of our readers, we have already published several articles on this subject and you can read them from the links given at the end of the article.

3 Traffic Road Safety Pillars in Saudi Arabia
First: The vehicle
Meaning of Vehicle Safety is;
  • Tire: size, durability, speed rate, production year and storage.
  • Lights: clarity, color and lighting level.
  • Turning and alarming Signals.
  • Mirrors: vehicle rear-view mirror that enables drivers to see the road behind them.
  • Windshield wipers
  • Service brake and parking brake, which control vehicle movement.
  • Shift Interlock.
  • Sound and light warning indicators (on the dashboard) such as fuel, oil, temperature, speed and battery indicators
  • Safety belts
  • Headrests.
  • Children seats.
  • Air bags.
Vehicle safety requirements:
Spare tires and the tools used to remove and install them.
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Rollover door locking systems
  • Fireproof furniture
  • Light reflecting triangle.
Realizing the vitality of vehicle Maintenance, the government put protective procedures to secure vehicle maintenance and prevent traffic accidents. The Vehicle Periodic Inspection aims to:
  • Improve quality of vehicle maintenance.
  • Minimize traffic accidents.
  • Maximize vehicle's service life.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Keep road users safe including drivers, passengers, and the pedestrians.
  • Discover problems before getting worse or causing loss (Early troubleshooting.)

Second: The Road
Safety on Road means;
  • Realizing the importance of roads, the Saudi Government constructed high quality networks of roads all over the country.
  • Effective road design and structural plans
  • Road lighting
  • Road traffic safety procedures such as clearing natural obstacles such as dust and sand
  • Traffic control instruments such as traffic lights, warning signs, and road cat eyes.
  • Vehicles weighing points between the Saudi governorates and cities

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