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Businesses Owned by Expatriates

Can employees working in my shop go to exit re-entry visa and come back on new visas from other employers?

Question by Visitor
Dear Steve I am the owner of the spare parts shop. I have bought 4 visas. Now my workers are here. You mean (in the article “New Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa”) after 2 years when I will send them on vacation to their countries they might take new visas with them and might not return to me? Can you tell me, what is the purpose of buying such expensive visas when the workers would not return to the same owner and buy new visa or they might get free visa from someone who needs an employee? Who would buy new visa then or who would start new business? I mean there will be some kind of restrictions right? Otherwise there will be no rights for the employers or owners? Can you explain it and explain the new law of returning to any new company on new visa?

Answer by Steve
Brother, first of all there is no need to buy visas if you are legally conducting business in Saudi Arabia. Only Saudis are allowed to conduct business in Saudi Arabia, you are not authorized to do it unless you get permission from SAGIA. Only big sized companies can take this permission. If you just go through my article, you can see that I have given reference in the article about a Decision according to which employees are banned if they go and do not come back to Saudi Arabia on exit re-entry visa. This is something up to my knowledge.

However, recently some of our readers have commented that they have gone to their native countries and never came back. They waited for the expiry of Iqama and once it is done, they applied for new visas and it was processed. According to their information, I have updated the above article. You are talking about rights of employers; I think all the rights are reserved for employers in Saudi Arabia, employee get very few of what they deserve.

Comment by Visitor
Sorry Sir I didn’t understand your point. You are saying that on the above given decision employee are banned for 3 years with SR 10,000 penalty if they go on vacation and don’t come back but on the other side you are saying if the person went to native country and came back on a new visa and working for different company, he won’t get any penalty. I mean can you explain clearly who can come back and who cannot?

Answer by Steve
For the sake of clarification, I am reproducing the contents from the article “You will be banned to enter to Saudi Arabia for 3 years if your Exit Re-Entry visa and Iqama both are expired. Even if your visa is processed, you would not be able to enter to Saudi Arabia by immigration authorities. Please read comments of your fellow readers!

Note: Some of our readers have just commented on our blog and stated that there is no ban period if one employee leaves the country on exit re-entry visa and comes back on new visa to Saudi Arabia unless his employer has registered a Huroob Status against him. Earlier, people used to face a ban period of 3 Years! (I do not take any responsibility of this information since it is provided only by the visitors of this blog. I have not received any source to confirm this update)”

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