Sunday, August 10, 2014

Challenging Huroob in the Court

My Employer has set Huroob, I have challenged him in the Labor Court, is there any other way to get final exit?

Question by Visitor
I would like to ask for advice regarding my problem. I am staying here in Riyadh about 1 year and 5 months now. My problem is that I have no iqama. 7 months I am working with my kafeel and he didn’t provide iqama for me so I seek help to Philippine embassy and they gave me a paper that I can transfer kafeel, that time was the amnesty period. So I stopped work and look for another kafeel and I found one.  By the way I am nurse. After I left my Kafeel, I heard that he reported me as Huroob. First of all is that possible if I have no iqama and secondly I have paper from Philippine embassy that I can transfer Kafeel.

After working to another clinic for about 7 months also same thing happened they didn’t make iqama for me. So what I did was I went to my old Kafeel and beg for a final exit visa. He asked money and I gave SR 1,500. I waited for 2 months and after that he told me that he will not do exit for me because he reported me as Huroob. Therefore he's no longer responsible for me. I asked him to return back my money but he refused. I decided the to go Saudi ministry of labor to ask help about my situation. They tried to contact my Kafeel and he came once for settlement. We agreed that he will give me exit but with 5 years ban here in Saudi Arabia. He told me that on the next hearing we will discuss about the 5 years ban, money I gave and the ticket. That date came but he didn’t come so the MOL decided to transfer the case to a higher court which was schedule after 4 months. So, now I am still waiting for that month to come. I think that’s on October 2014 but I came across with your site and thought that maybe there’s another way to solve my problem. Please advise me on what ways I can take to make my exit easier or is it possible to go to Jawazat and file a complaint against my Kafeel or my Huroob so maybe they can give me permission to transfer sponsorship. I am really sorry for taking more of your time reading this message. I hope you can give me some good advice that I can use for my situation Insha Allah.

Answer from Steve
I feel pity on you. May God bless you and you get rid of this Kafeel. Yes he can set Huroob on your status even when the Iqama was not issued. Huroob effectively means that this employee has run away from the Kafeel and now Kafeel does not have any responsibility for him. An Employee can run away even without issuance of Iqama.

The procedure you have adopted is absolutely right. Even I would have suggested you this had you asked me. Just wait for the court hearing date and pray for the good result. Ultimately, you will get final exit. Going to Jawazat will not serve your objective since the main authority to remove Huroob is Ministry of Labor.


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