Monday, August 25, 2014

Exit Re-Entry Visa after Resignation

I have given resignation to my company. They are asking me to go back on Exit Re-Entry Visa as they are not able to process my Final Exit Visa. Should I accept this proposal?

Question by Visitor
Dear Mr. Steve, we're glad that we find you here! We have very awkward situations. This concern is to my cousin (1st degree). We were both working in Saudi Arabia with same company, but I left Saudi Arabia last year and my cousin continued working with same employer. Just months ago he decided to leave the KSA, and ask permission from his boss but his boss denied his application several times and one day they approved the application for exit. Actually, he already completed his 2 years contract 5 months ago but his manager forced him to sign extension and he signed it. Now, one day before his departure he received all his document including passport, but the employer gave him Exit Re-entry Visa that the visa period is 150 days from departure and his iqama will expires on May 2015.

Mr. Steve, one more thing, the company admin didn’t take the Iqama card from my cousin, so my cousin took it with him in our country. He is so worried of something bad will happen, so he decided to report this situation to our agency. Then the agency took the iqama and asked the copy of exit re-entry visa, as she said, she will contact to our employer regarding the problems. Mr. Steve, can you please advise us for these things? Only you can clear with all the questions and things that made my cousin bothered.

Answer by Steve
Your cousin should not have come back from Saudi Arabia without having final exit visa. He came back to his country on exit re-entry visa which means that he will have to face some ban period. I have already answered the questions related to the term of ban period. Please read this article to know about the ban period he has to face. “New Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa”. There is no problem with mere bringing Iqama with him. Government and employer cannot take any action against him except the ban period.


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