Friday, August 22, 2014

Hijab prevents Baby Girls from being Misused/ Assaulted

A Saudi Scholar suggested/ his fellow residents to cover the baby girls with Hijab as it prevents them from being misused or in more open words being assaulted.  This statement was caught by the international media and they started criticizing Islam and Saudi Scholar who gave away this statement. According to the international media, Saudi Scholar is putting the blame of being assaulted to the small baby girls or small fairies. I am not a scholar but here I will have to say that even international media is very biased.

Purpose of Statement of Saudi Scholar
I don’t think there is anything wrong in the statement given by Saudi Scholar. After my migration to Saudi Arabia, I have realized that beauty of women is in her cover. When human being was uncivilized, they were uncovered. They started covering themselves with the cloth when they were civilized. I think covering women with clothes is the highest level of civilization. If you do not lock your car, there are more chances of theft. Similarly, he just suggested his religion fellows to teach their daughters from the start to cover them with the Hijab so that no one can see them with bad intention.

I do not see anything bad in this statement; everyone has full rights to practice the religion he wants to practice. No one should interfere in the clothes of the women they are wearing. If Islam orders the women to veil, the same teachings are from Jewish and Christianity. It seems that whatever is associated with Saudi Arabia, western media creates negativity out of it. I have been living in Saudi Arabia from last 2 years and I think that your loyalty should belong to a country you are living in. We should stop spreading wrong and exaggerated news about Saudi Arabia. It is a country which is providing us bread and butter. In fact it is better than our own countries; otherwise we would not have been working here.

Role of International Media
Role of international media about the news related to Saudi Arabia is very biased. They present Saudis as second brothers of Taliban and try to show them as extremist. Well, if you call Saudis extremist, they will call you extremist. If they ask their girls, daughters and sisters to veil themselves, western culture ask them to be nude in front of stingers. It is the second side of extremism. From last two years, I have noticed that they are peaceful people. If you are good with them, they will remain good with you. I know some people who have become victims of Kafeel System will not agree to my statement. But I still insist you to think in a way I think. “It is better than your country, this is the reason you are here”.


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