Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Suspension from Work by Employer under Saudi Labor Law

It has been generally seen that employers exploit employees in Saudi Arabia. Most of the exploitation is due to ignorance of Saudi Labor Law at the part of both employee and employer’s perspective. In order to create awareness in the expatriates about their rights, we have published an article regarding “Rights of Expatriates in Saudi Arabia”. Many fellow expatriates are generating queries regarding legitimacy of the suspension from the work by the employer. Many employees face suspension from work from the employer for numerous days due to any reason. In this article, I will be giving specific references to the Saudi Labor Law regarding suspension from the work.

When an employer can suspend an employee?
According to Article 70 of the Saudi Labor Law, “an employee cannot be subjected to disciplinary penalty for an act committed outside the workplace unless such act is related to the job.” It means that whatever you do after office hours in your personal life, your employer cannot charge you any fine, cannot impose any suspension for something you have done after office hours in your personal life.

For how long an Employee can be suspended?
According to Article 70 of the Saudi Labor Law, an employer cannot suspend his employee for more than 5 days due to one violation. Article 70 of the Saudi Labor Law further states that “suspension from work of an employee without pay cannot exceed 5 days in a month”. It means that maximum punishment for one violation can be of maximum 5 days by the employer and he cannot even suspend an employee without pay for more than 5 days in a month.

Leave Leading to Termination
If the worker is absent from work for more than 20 days without any valid reason, and employer has sent him 2 warnings through emails or to his registered address after completing 10 days and 15 days of absenteeism, employer can terminate him without any notice. Article 116 of Saudi Labor Law.


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