Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FAQ 002: Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Getting Saudi Driving License for the new comers is a big deal. Especially if you don’t know driving or you used to drive in India, Pakistan (left handed) you may have to face some trouble while taking test.  We are here to help you; we have provided all the information, tips and tricks to pass tests of Saudi Driving License. You may read all these details in this article. Some of the comments published under this article are presented below.

Comment 1 – Getting Saudi Driving License: My Pakistani drivinglicense is in bad condition. It was put in a plastic cover and now half of the printing from the license is on the transparent plastic cover. All the information is readable, but the photograph (which was already blurred) is not identifiable. I have the license still in same cover, as evidence what I am saying is correct. Will the authorities in KSA accept this license?
Answer by Steve: No they will not!!!! Ask your authorities to issue another one for you.
Reply to Comment 1 – Getting Saudi Driving License: For this I will have to go back to Pakistan :( isn't there any other option? Like signing some undertaking etc
Answer by Steve: I do not want to comment upon this but some people make it even here for around 100 Riyals. Hire some agent for this. I will not provide any further detail in this regard. Second way is to apply without driving license, they will ask you to attend some formality classes.

Comment 2 – Getting Saudi Driving License:
Kindly please tell me that whether I can apply again for a driving license as my previous company in which I worked took away my license as per the agreement. At present I don’t have license. Please help!
Answer by Steve: Did you go on final exit and come again? If you did not go for final exit, just go to Maroor department and tell them your drivinglicense is lost. Please issue me a new one.

Comment 3 – Getting Saudi Driving License: Good article! I need one help if you can, I want to get license in indirect way. If you know anybody in Jeddah please inform me in below E mail

Answer by Steve: We cannot help you in this regard!

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