Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to print Hajj Tasreeh (Permit) 2017?

All of us know that the Saudi government has changed the procedure to apply for hajj in this year. Now, the only applicable procedure is to apply online using website of Ministry of Hajj. I have explained in this article “Online Procedure to Apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia”. Once you have successfully filled the application, you will be provided with an IBAN (Bank Account) where you have to deposit the due amount. Within couple of days of depositing the amount in the bank, your application status on the Ministry of Hajj will appear as “Paid”. You will have to further wait for couple of days and you will be able to print Hajj Tasreeh (Permit) following the below mentioned guidelines.

First of all open Ministry of Interior website and select English language option. Now just move your cursor to “Electronic Inquiries” and a drop down list will appear. You will have to move your cursor to “Hajj Permit” and another option will appear with the caption of “Inquiry about Hajj Permit”. Click on this button to proceed.

A new screen will open in which you will have to enter Iqama Number of the applicant and date of birth. Make sure that the date of birth is entered in reconciliation with date of birth on Iqama. Enter the Image code and click on “Check Hajj Permit Status”

A new screen will be opened containing the details of the hajj agent with whom the applicant has valid hajj permit. You just have to click on the “Print” button and the system will print the hajj permit for you.

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