Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to find Border Number Online in Saudi Arabia?

In order to make payment for the renewal or extension of the fee of the family visit visa, you need to enter the border number in the SADAD system. System of SADAD detects the visit visa holders from the Border Number. But how would you find the border number? Normally it is written by the Jawazat officer on the passport of the visit visa holder at the time of entry to the Kingdom along with stamp. However sometimes they don’t write it. In such situation you either have to visit the Jawazat officer at the airport to get the border number or you can check it online in 5 minutes. Here in this article, I shall be providing you step by step guide to check border number of the visit visa holder who is under your sponsorship.

Procedure to Find Border Number online in Saudi Arabia
  1. In order to find border number of visit visa holder, you must have online account on Ministry of Interior Website. If you don’t have Abshir account on Ministry of Interior Website, please follow this link to create it. “Abshir Account in Ministry of Interior Website
  2. If you have already created this account, just login to it by following this link.
  3. A new screen will be opened from which you will have to click on “E-Services” as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. On the left hand side, there will be a list from which you need to click on the “Passports” icon.
  5. A drop down list will appear and you need to click on the icon of “Extend Visit Visa”
  6. A new page will open where all the terms and conditions to apply for extension of family visit visa are mentioned. Now you need to click on the “Proceed” button.
  7. A new screen will open where you details of all the visit visa holders under your sponsorship are available. From this list, you can find border number of the visit visa holder.

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