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Husband Divorces Wife for not closing the Car Door

Divorce in Islam is one of the most hated things by Allah SWT and holy Prophet PBUH. Although divorce is Halal in Islam but it is for only allowed for specific crucial circumstances. When spouses consider they have left no stone unturned to keep the relationship working. If despite of all heartiest and sincere efforts patch up can’t comfort both or either of the partners, one can be separated from his/her spouse.

Few days back there was reported news in Arab News that a couple got separated because of a petty dispute. The husband asked the wife to close the door of car, replying to her husband she refused to do that as she was busy with her children. Angrily husband shouted over her by saying since you did not close the door, I have divorced you three times. He asked her to leave his house in case she disobeys his instruction. The wife instead of following his instruction right away left the home for her father’s home. Masses tried to reconcile the dispute between broke up couple. The wife refused clearly for going back with the view that she can’t survive with such an irresponsible and ill-mannered man.

According to Saudi Sheikh Asim Al Hakim the divorce is valid. No doubt Islam gives men the right to divorce their spouse but this is backed by a proper way to divorce her. No matter divorce is announced by joking or in anger. It actually happens as the basic element required is intention of a man. Now days the increasing divorce rate has become a dilemma in Saudi Arabia. Men leave their spouses for minor or no reasons. The past year statistics of marriages and divorces rate show a rapid increase in breakups in family circle. The Ministry of economy and planning reported a divorce every half hour during 2012. Not only this, the divorce rate in Saudi Kingdom has raised up to 35 % of marriages. This rate is alarmingly far higher than international rate of divorces which is 18 - 20 percent.

In Saudi Arabia most of the cases of divorces happen due to irresponsible attitude of men. Women normally report their husbands’ abusive nature even beyond tolerance level. The most evident reason reported for divorce in Kingdom is women disobedience attitude towards husbands’ instruction and wishes. One of the same cases is discussed in this article. Besides men irresponsible nature and women’s disobedience another factor is undue influence of families on a marital relationship.

Lack of intimacy led to 1,600 divorce cases in during past one and half year. During this period 1,317 cases were filed by women for non-fulfillment of emotional and intimacy needs and 283 divorces were sought by husbands due to the same reason. Saudi Kingdom with a population of 30 million has gained rapidly high divorce rate all over the world due to above mentioned reasons.

According to Sheikh Mohammad Al Falaj, a family affairs consultant, one of the main reasons of divorces is Misyar. Misyar is a temporary kind of marriage in which individuals are legally free but can live with each other as a couple. It enables a man to divorces his second wife easily in case his first wife discovers his hidden relationship. We have already explained in detail the different kind of marriages performed by the Saudi men in this article “Types of Marriages in Saudi Arabia”. These all reasons act cumulatively to enhance divorce rate in Kingdom. In order to control this trauma a social and practical awareness campaign is required that can provide better counseling sessions to women as well as men for their irresponsible attitude. Recommended: What are Misyar Marriages?
Source: Arab News

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