Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If woman is assaulted, she is to be blamed, Saudis Say!

Yes this is true that according to a survey the Saudi men saying that women are the reason and the one who to blame for the excessive number of cases in which girls are assaulted by the men. The report was generated by taking the view, arranging polls and the dialogues in which 992 females and males participated. The survey was held at the King Abdul Aziz centre for national dialogue in Riyadh and arranged by a Saudi newspaper. They concluded that the above 80% men believe that the modern dresses of women, shiny sparkling jewelry they wear and make up are the reasons to men got attracted towards the women.

On the other hand the women believed that lack of the law to punish the men who assault girls is also the cause for this situation. The most surprising thing is that not only men but also women believe in it. Approximately 80% of total member thought that the lawlessness is the reason why we are standing here where number of cases of auscultation is increasing day by day.  Also a huge number of men claimed that we are living in modern era where women are adopting the latest fashion; they are in a race of looking pretty. Charm and the spark of their glowing skin and make up seduce the men which is why these types of cases are being reported.

It is true that the Saudi Arabia is the hub of Muslim countries and the Saudi culture is also much religious. No doubt, Islam is the religion in which women are valued very high. Women rights are secured and men are instructed to give respect and affection to women. Being a Muslim woman one has to obey many rules and in the 21st century these rules have a great oppose to the modern and western culture. The history is full of example where a woman is successful in life even in her professional carrier and she do not have to intellect with men nor have to look beautiful to gain  respect, But we cannot ignore the phenomenon that the women are being assaulted by the Arab men.

In the survey these facts are also exposed that above 90% of the men believe that there should be some steps to be taken to get rid of these happenings. There should be a proper system to educate people; movements campaigns should be arranged for the awareness men and women both to avoid these incidents. On the other, in dialogue session, women said if someone got punished for the act of assaulting of a woman then many of the men having same kind of thought will avoid doing such crime. According to them, lack of warning notices and less effort to implement the law is also a big reason. One other thing which should not be ignored that according to 90% of the participants the poor sentiments and lack of awareness is the main factor to blame for the problem.
Source: Emirates News


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