Monday, September 22, 2014

Is it Haram to Celebrate National Day in Saudi Arabia?

You must be surprised by the caption of this article. Well, there is a story behind this article and you would be amazed to know that it was not even considered Halal until few years ago. Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia from longtime and Saudi citizens know that there was no celebration of National Day (23rd September) a few years ago. The matter was raised in local media if the celebration of National Day is Haram in Islam and there were so many religious debates on this subject in private and official religious circles. After those debates and discussions, it was decided that there is nothing wrong in celebrating national day at national level. From that time, there has been a public holiday on the National Day of Saudi Arabia.

King Salman of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the greatest favor of organizing and celebrating this day with utmost pleasure. It brings unity in the nation. Please do not let anyone stop you from participating and sharing your happiness. It is totally legal. Almost all Saudi cities will host ceremonies, activities, exhibitions, fireworks and many other grand events. Your participation is welcome and immensely appreciated. Thanks for being with us and for sharing your true love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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