Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Law Minister Kicked out of Air Plane

In Pakistan a flight was delayed by 3 hours as it was waiting for so called VIP persons a former law minister Mr. Rehman Malik and one law maker of the country Dr. Rameez. As it is shown in the two videos below that Mr. Rameez came 2:30 hours later than the timing of the flight. Crowd which was very furious upon the Pakistan International Airlines staff started shouting on him. He managed to get his way to his business class seat but 250 passengers stood against him and at the end of the day; he had to go out of air plane.

After departure of MNA Dr. Rameez, former law minister came into the plane like morning walk but passengers did not allow him to enter the plane. PIA staff tried to stop the people but they were very furious. Someone in the below video found saying that they have been tolerating these Ministers from the last 68 years and now it is more than enough. It must be kept in mind that Imran Khan (Captain who won only cricket world cup of 1992 for Pakistan) has been protesting against the current system of democracy and Nawaz from more than last one month. Watch this video and enjoyJ

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