Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Can we do Naqal Maloomat Online?

Can I do Naqal Maloomat (transfer of information) from old passport to new passport using Abshir (MOI) services account online?

Question by Visitor
I am registered user of Abshir system, my family including wife daughter and son passport expired and I got them renewed. I went to my Company Government relation office to update the new passport in MOI but they advised me to do it by myself on Abshir website. I cannot see any possibility on Abshir website to update the passport. I need your help please, can I do it on Abshir website. The reference procedure given is for the updating information in Jawazat office. I am looking for the information weather I can do the Naqal Maloomat update through Abshir system (online) or not. In other case my sponsor will have to go in Jawazat office. Waiting for your reply please!

Answer by Steve
You cannot do Naqal Maloomat online using Abshir (MOI) Services, because Jawazat officer needs to stamp on the new passport. You need to visit Jawazat office in order to do Naqal Maloomat.

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