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National Anthem of Saudi Arabia with Lyrics

National Anthem of Saudi Arabia was adopted for the first time in the year 1950. However, in 1950 there were no lyrics of the national anthem. The composition of the national anthem was prepared by the Abdul Rehman Al Khateeb in 1947. In 1984 the national anthem was adopted with the lyrics and lyrics were written by the Ibrahim Khafaji. Most of the people living here in Saudi Arabia from a long time have not even heard the national anthem of Saudi Arabia which is why I have decided to upload it here so that at least you can listen to it once. It is in Arabic language obviously but I have provided lyrics and translation in English so that you can understand it.

National Anthem of Saudi Arabia

Lyrics of National Anthem of Saudi Arabia along with Translation
English Translation
للمجد والعلياء
To glory and supremacy,
مجدي لخالق السماء
Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
وارفعي الخفاق أخضر
And raise the green flag
يحمل النور المسطر
Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,
رددي الله أكبر
Repeat: Allahu Akbar!
يا موطني
O my country!
My country,
قد عشت فخر المسلمين
Live as the glory of Muslims!
عاش المليك
Long live the King
For the flag
And the homeland!

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