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Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia

In my previous article, I have discussed the matters one should consider in deciding the childbirth in Saudi Arabia. Now, we will be talking about the steps you need to take after child's birth in Saudi Arabia. Paperwork starts as soon as a child gets birth. This article discusses the procedure you need to adopt if a child is born inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, if the child is born outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure to add him under your Iqama. This procedure is explained in this article.

Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia
  1. First of all you will have to apply for the Birth Certificate of the newly born child in Saudi Arabia. The procedure to get birth certificate for the newly born child has been explained in this link. Recommended: Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia
  2. Next step is to get passport from your home country’s embassy. In most of the countries, you will have to apply for national identity card to get the passport.

  • After you receive your baby’s passport now it’s time to get baby’s Iqama. To get baby’s iqama by yourself you need the following documents;

    • You need to take online appointment with Jawazat. Right now, online appointment is not needed for Makkah region. But I would recommend you to try to apply for online appointment of Jawazat for your region. You never know when they change the procedure. Recommended: Procedure to Book an Appointment with Jawazat for the issuance of Iqama of Newly Born Baby
    • You need to fill a form to add your child as your dependent. I have attached the form below. You can download it from the below link. If you don't want to fill it yourself, agents sitting in front of Jawazat building will fill it for you for only SR 10. Recommended: Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office)
    • You need to pay the dependent’s fee to process the Iqama. If dependent’s fee for your existing family members is not yet paid, you would not be able to apply for the Iqama of your newly born child. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee for Iqama Renewal
    • Original passport of your newly born baby
    • 2 photos of your baby make sure at least one picture of your baby must be attached on baby’s filled iqama form.
    • Copy of your Passport
    • Copy of your wife’s passport
    • Copy of your Iqama
    • Copy of your wife’s Iqama
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • If you are applying for Iqama after 12 months of the birth of your child, you will have to pay a fine of SR 1,000 through SADAD.

    1. Jeddah Jawazat: In Jeddah, you will have to go to the passport office located in Kandara. I have attached the map location of this office below. Firstly, the correct entrance to the first floor is located by taking the first left immediately after entering through the main entrance. You should continue straight ahead until you see an open courtyard to your right where you will then see a single door entrance at the end which will lead you to the correct staircase. You go straight to the 1st floor and enter through the main offices to the right. You'll find multiple booths numbering from 1 through to 18. For those born outside KSA, they should go to the last booths between 15 & 18. For those born in KSA, they should go to the first booths between 1 & 4.

    1. Riyadh Jawazat: In Jawazat normally you need to go to first floor, your targeted section is ‘Azadafa Molod Jaded’ – mean ‘Addition of newly born baby’. If you come to first floor by elevator then it’s in front of your just behind the stairs. Normally you need to go on window 1 0r 2 there your need to submit your document and get your baby’s iqama in 5 to 10 minutes. Once you get your baby’s iqama, before you leave the counter, make sure you take back your baby’s Arabic birth certificate original one and also double check the baby’s name in Arabic and English. At least make sure that in English, spellings of the baby’s name should be correct and name is same in English and Arabic both. If you find any mistake on baby’s iqama then inform the Jawazat officer on counter who gave you baby’s iqama, If everything is ok on Iqama then congratulations it’s end of your journey. Once your baby’s iqama is in your hands it means your baby is added under your Iqama/Passport and you can check it in your MOI online account in the dependents tab.
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