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Transfer of Sponsorship from Father to Employer is Suspended

There are many people in Saudi Arabia who born here, brought up here, got their education here and have all their friends and family members here. What they don’t have is the nationality. The time when a child takes birth in Saudi Arabia, an Iqama is issued for him. This Iqama remains his legal recognition during his stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When he reaches to the age of 18, government asks him to either transfer the sponsorship to another Kafeel or provide proof that he is still perusing his education. I have already explained the procedure of renewing Iqama after age of 18 years “Get Iqama for Dependents after 18 Years”. However, recently people have been facing some difficulties in transferring sponsorship from father’s sponsorship to the Kafeel. There are some statements made by the Ministry of Labor and I want you to read them before reaching to any conclusion.

  1. On October 24, 2014, Saudi Gazette published news that Ministry of Labor has allowed dependents of expats to work without transferring the sponsorship to employer. We have covered this news in this article “Dependents can work without transfer of sponsorship
  2. On October 28, 2014, Arab News published news that dependent expat teachers are not allowed to work under without transferring sponsorship to the school. We have covered it in this link “Dependent Expat Teachers not allowed to Work
  3. On November 03, 2014 Arab News has published again that only one dependent from each expat family is allowed to work in private school without transferring sponsorship to the school. We have covered it in this link “1 Dependent from Expat Family can Teach without Transfer of Sponsorship

Not less than 10 people have contacted us that they have secured good job offers and some of them have started working in those companies but their transfer of sponsorship is upheld since they are transferring from the sponsorship of father to the Kafeel or company. I have also attached comments of some of these guys. When I enquired from different sources, I got to know that the transfer of sponsorship from Father to employer was suspended by Jawazat as some new regulations are expected. However a news was aired by the Saudi Gazette today on October 24, 2014 that Ministry of Labor has decided to allow resident dependents of Iqama holders to work in the private sector even without transferring the sponsorship. Read the details in this link "Dependents can Work without transferring sponsorship"

Being an expatriate I don’t consider this a very good decision if they decide not to resume the transfer of sponsorship from Father to employer. Boys and girls who were born or grownup here should have some rights available to them. By stopping this transfer of sponsorship from Father to employer, they will be snatching the only priority available to the expatriates who are born and grown up here under the sponsorship of their father. I hope and believe that authorities will soon resume the transfer of sponsorship from father to employer soon. Below are some comments from the visitors;

Comment from Visitors

  1. I am currently under my father sponsorship, I have been recently offered job from a Company in Riyadh. I have submitted my passport and iqama and other required documents for Iqama transfer 2 weeks ago, but still receive no response. Can you clarify, how long does it take?
  2. I would like to clarify about transferring sponsorship from my father who is working here to a company where I am offered a job. All these days the HR was ready to transfer but today he said a new rule is being implemented effecting from now change of sponsorship from father to a firm is not allowed.
  3. I have exactly the same issue, my company even applied for transfer but they said it got rejected because the ministry has stopped the transfer for student’s iqama. If u has any info regarding this please let me know
  4. I am facing problem with sponsorship transfer from my father to a company. The company is telling me that they can’t transfer it because I am on student visa. As far I know there’s no such rule. If you have any information please share with us.

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