Thursday, September 25, 2014

White Tiger Killed Student in Delhi Zoo

A sad incident happened in the Zoo of Delhi, India when white tiger killed the student of 12th grade.  The video of this incident has just been aired which creates a terror in your nerves. Eye witnesses have reported that the fence of the tiger enclosure was very low and student was trying to take a selfie. When he leaned back to capture the tiger in his camera, his feet slipped and he fell into the tiger enclosure. Name of the student who fell down from the fence was Maqsood and he was resident of Delhi. An eyewitness said that after he fell down, tiger did not attack on him. Tiger kept on staring at him for like 15 minutes and during this time Maqsood was sitting in front of him pleading for mercy. But then someone from the outside threw a stone to the tiger which was enough to make him furious. After this, it did not take tiger too long to tear Maqsood into pieces. You can watch this video below.

Lesson from the Story
This sad incident which snatched the life of an innocent gives us a lesson that we need to be careful at such places. Adoption of attitude of care can save us from many problems. Just imagine what his mother, sisters and other family members will be feeling after watching this video.

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