Sunday, October 26, 2014

Are there any Belly Dancers in Saudi Arabia?

Have you ever wondered if there were any belly dancers in this segregated Kingdom? Not this Kingdom but countries like Syria, Lebanon and Egypt are known for belly dancing. Since over here it is not quite common to see professional belly dancer but that doesn’t really means that the women of Saudi do not know how to belly dance. Well let me get you all excited by telling you that women over here are quite great at belly dancing but they do it just for their husbands or in an all women gathering. This is because at times in Jeddah and Riyadh there are belly dancing classes being offered in different compounds of the expats.

Do you know how belly dancing is done? It is just similar like jazz ballet. In order to belly dance, different parts of your body like the hips, shoulders, breast and stomach need to be isolated. While belly dancing, the focus is on the main muscles of the body producing all the necessary movements while the external movements have no role in belly dancing. In this type of dancing, the focus is more on the hip and pelvic are. The belly dancing done by the Egyptians and the Lebanese focus more on the movements being made in the back muscles. Like in all the other fields of dancing, body structure and correct structure is the main element of belly dancing. But since there are many ways of belly dancing, we can’t really particularly classify one type of move as belly dancing as different observers tend to find moves they like to see.

One of the main moves which is liked by all is the sparkling vibration of the hips. This vibration can also be called a spice added in all the movements to bring depth in the performance. This vibration is created when the knees or the thighs are moved against each other at high speed. This vibration can also be created by using the lower back muscles, your shoulders or by your hip movement; moving your hips in different alternate directions like up and down, side wise or swinging your hips back and forth. Another like belly dance movement is called the hip hits. It is the movement of the hip in a certain way to show staccato movement. This action can be done by the shoulders or chest as well. This action is performed by staying still till your hip area and focusing on contracting the glutei muscles so that the hips start to move up or down.

Other movement can also be called undulations. It is called the hip or chest movement which rotates or moves in circular motion. This movement basically gives the idea of a riding a camel as this famous style involves chest moving; forward, backwards, up and down. Kicks and arm movements are also included in belly dancing. This dance style is said to be very seductive and if one master in this type of dance style then it is very hard to get eyes of other people off you once you start to shake that body of yours.


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