Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Factors promoting Black Market of Housemaids in Saudi Arabia

Many Saudi and Expatriate families living in Saudi Arabia hire housemaids. I have covered in detail the procedure of hiring a housemaid in this link. “How to Hire Housemaid in Saudi Arabia”? Normally these housemaids are imported from several Asian countries such as India, Philippines, Srilanka etc. These maids are helpful for all tasks. From cleaning to laundering and ironing to childcare every thing goes as their responsibility. No doubt these housemaids are helping and very supporting. Same in the case of other servants of house like drivers, gardener and others. Especially those families who are residing in Saudi Arabia due to diplomatic services of other countries need these maids. These maids are sometime sponsored by embassies or consulates of those countries. Even those persons who manage their houses in their hometowns need maid in Kingdom. The reason is weather conditions, large size homes and culture of comfort in Saudi Arabia.

The main thing is that how to employ a house maid. Moreover weather house maid be employed through legal channels or not, as there is a second plan available in Kingdom for employing of housemaids. According to second plan the housemaid although employed through a legal agency but it keeps on finding an opportunity to flee away. As there are two type of condition available for housemaids. Weather a good or a worst employer. A good employer takes care of house maid. It takes full advantage of housemaids and in return gives comfort to them as well. Whereas in second culture, housemaids is just treated as slaves.  Those housemaids who are imported from outside are clearly told before about term and condition. Outsiders normally work as honest servant at the same salary agreed before the job. They are not offered increase in salary overtime, or any day off.

In other cases local housemaids are mostly difficult to be managed. They keep on demanding something new day by day. In case they are hired through brokers and have come from other countries. The brokers promise them to get employment at huge amounts even than actually negotiated with employer. They also provide them opportunity to escape in case of breach of contract with employers. The housemaids are limited in Saudi Arabia for that reasons such brokers easily run their black market.

Factors Promoting Black Market of Housemaids in Saudi Arabia
There are many factors that promote such black market for housemaids in Saudi Arabia.
  1. Sometimes housemaids are treated with inhumane behavior with triple workload without any increase in salaries and incentives. For this reason housemaid feel better to run away from legal ways and prefer being hired as black market employees.
  2. Although most families prefer legal ways to hire and keep a house maid but sometimes a family who is in crucial need for maid overpass such formalities. Even needing families agree to pay double or triple salary to housemaid just to keep them or retain them.
  3. Although there are many advantages as well disadvantages for hiring a housemaid in Saudi Arabia, one must be proactive regarding rights and duties of a housemaid. This balance can keep a house maid happy and employer satisfied.
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