Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Category: Banks in Saudi Arabia

Banks in Saudi Arabia
  1. Al Bilad Bank
  2. Alinma Bank
  3. AlRajhi Bank
  4. Arab National Bank
  5. National Commercial Bank
  6. Riyadh Bank
  7. Saudi American Bank (SAMBA)
  8. Saudi Hollandi Bank
  9. Saudi British Bank (SABB)
  10. Saudi Investment Bank
  11. List of Banks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  12. List of Banks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Transferring Money from Saudi Arabia

  1. Procedure to Transfer Money through Enjaz Remittance
  2. Procedure to send Money back home through Telemoney Exchange
  3. 5 Best Ways to Transfer (Remit) Money to India
  4. Foreign Remittance Charges from Saudi Arabia
  5. What is Hawala System of Remitting Money? Is it legal?

Articles related to Banks
  1. Bank Accounts of Expatriates are under Strict Monitoring - SAMA
  2. Banking Fraud: SR 840,000 transferred from my bank account without my knowledge
  3. Credit Card Cash Withdrawal is banned by SAMA in Saudi Arabia
  4. How Virtual Credit Card Number provides security to your Credit Card?
  5. Wrong Practices of Credit Card Users in Saudi Arabia
  6. Procedure obtain Personal Loan from Banks in Saudi Arabia
  7. What happens if you fail to pay credit card debt?
  8. Difference between Master Card and Visa Card
  9. 7 Things you must know about Prepaid Credit Cards
  10. Reactivate Frozen Bank Account in Saudi Arabia
  11. Credit Card Trap used by Banks in Saudi Arabia
  12. SADAD Payment System in KSA
  13. Do Not Pay Government Fee through Agents
  14. Sample Letter of Introduction for Opening Bank Account in Saudi Arabia
  15. Procedure to withdraw money from Frozen Bank Account on New Iqama
  16. Activate Abshir (MOI) Account through SAMBA Ban


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