Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Category: Hajj and Umrah

Hajj and Umrah
  1. Procedure to Apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia
  2. How to get Low Cost Hajj Package in Saudi Arabia?
  3. How to get Hajj Permit for Family Visit Visa Holders in KSA?
  4. How to Check if Hajj Tasreeh (Permit) is genuine?
  5. Check Eligibility for Hajj through MOI
  6. 13 Factors to consider while selecting Hajj and Umrah Agent
  7. 10 Useful Tips for those who are travelling for Hajj
  8. Indonesians have to wait for 37 years on average for Hajj
  9. Prices for 7 Categories of Hajj fixed for the year 2016
  10. 10 reasons why some pilgrims get lost in Masjid-al-Haram Makkah
  11. List of Low Cost Hajj Agents in Saudi Arabia
  12. Benefits of Online Procedure to Apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia
  13. List of Approved Hajj Agents in Saudi Arabia
  14. Hajj is not that tough as it used to be once
  15. Authorized Cities to Travel for Umrah/Hajj Visitors
  16. Guidelines for Pilgrims of Saudi Arabia
  17. Sheltering the Over stayers after Performing Hajj and Umrah
  18. Penalties on Working on Umrah Visa
  19. Fine Imposed for Female Hajj Performers
  20.  Hajj has become for rich locals only
  21. Experience of Fake Hajj Tasreeh from Fake Hajj Agent
  22. Saudi Visa Processing during Hajj Season
  23. Can I take a flight of other Airports but Jeddah & Madina for Hajj?
  24. Performing Hajj without Iqama
  25. SR 100,000 fine, 2 Years Jail and Deportation for illegal hajj assistance
  26. How can we (Saudi Residents) help pilgrims to perform Hajj?
  27. Lucky Mother performs Hajj accompanied by her 8 Sons
  28. SR 100,000 fine for each overstaying Hajj Pilgrim


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