Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Category: Latest News: Jawazat Related

Latest News: Jawazat Related
  1. Expats are no longer need to be harassed by the Agents
  2. Issuance of Tailor Visas for Males is banned at Ladies Shops
  3. SR 87 fee per passenger for entering and leaving Kingdom from Jan 2016
  4. Philippine sends its sick workers to Saudi Arabia - GCC Council of Health Ministers
  5. 2 Days Weekend, 40 working hours a week for Private Sector – Proposal Underway
  6. Fast Track Online Visa Issuance System launched in Saudi Arabia
  7. Difficulty in Iqama Renewal: Cheap Health Insurance not available
  8. Annual Fee of Muqeem Cards (new Iqamas) in Saudi Arabia
  9. Muqeem Cards (new Iqamas) to be delivered through Postal Service
  10. Qualification Test for Engineers to get Iqama
  11. SR 1.3 million for Saudi Nationality – Woman arrested for Fraud
  12. Iqamas to be delivered through Saudi Post from Aug 16, 2015
  13. Muqeem Cards with Validity of 5 Years to Replace Iqamas from October 2015
  14. Timings of Government Offices (Jawazat Offices) during Ramadan
  15. Expatriates are banned from Street Trading
  16. EidulFitr Holidays 2015 in Saudi Arabia
  17. All Yemenis can legalize their Iqama Status – Royal Order
  18. No More Family Visit Visas before Hajj 2015
  19. Favorable Changes in Leaves of Employees under Saudi Labor Law
  20. Saudi Visas for Bangladeshis from April 20, 2015
  21. No Family Visas for Bangladeshis living in Saudi Arabia
  22. Expats Stay in Kingdom is to be Limited to 8 Years
  23. Residents can apply for Saudi Citizenship in 2 to 3 Months
  24. No Place for Chronically ill Expats in GCC Countries
  25. Saudis cannot marry Pakistani and Bengali Girls
  26. Businesses urge Saudi Govt to scrap exit/re-entry visa
  27. No Visas for Professions with Saudi Applicants
  28. Health Insurance is must for Expat Visitors
  29. Expatriates may get Iqama Renewed for 5 Years
  30. Schengen-style GCC visa proposal for 35 countries
  31. 20 Years Cap on Expats Residency is Proposed in Kuwait
  32. GCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries
  33. 1 Dependent from each expatriate family can teach without transferring sponsorship
  34. Manual Issuance of Visa for domestic workers is halted
  35. Two Years ban on expatriates leaving on final exit
  36. Favorable Amendments in Saudi Labor Law for Expatriates
  37. Transfer of Sponsorship from Father to Employer is suspended
  38. Employees with Yellow Employers are in Danger
  39. Latest Rule for Transfer of Sponsorship
  40. Extension of Family Visit Visas Starts Again
  41. No Extension of Family Visit Visas after July 01, says Jawazat


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