Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Category: Labor Disputes and Huroob

Labor Disputes
  1. Register a Case against Kafeel in Ministry of Labor
  2. Housemaid to be paid SR 68,000 after Legal Case against Sponsor
  3. Who are the real violators of Labor and Residency Law?
  4. How Minister of Labor changed the world for Expats in 5 Years
  5. Modern Day Slavery in the Modern World
  6. How labor disputes are resolved in Saudi Arabia
  7. What does “absent from work” mean?
  8. Why I support operations against Illegals?
  9. Court decided in favor of labor in Saudi Arabia

  1. Procedure to Remove Huroob Online from Iqama
  2. Huroob as a blackmailing tool by Clever Sponsors
  3. Procedure for Expatriates with Huroob (Absconder) Status to Avoid Jail and Go Home
  4. Transfer of Sponsorship under Huroob
  5. Check Huroob Status of Employee
  6. Removing Huroob from Iqama
  7. Penalties of Not Reporting Huroob on Kafeel
  8. Making Payment for the Removal of Huroob
  9. Duration of Ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia in Case of Huroob

  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  2. Legality of Commission Based Salary in Saudi Arabia
  3. Claiming Due Money from Kafeel


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