Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Latest News: Other Latest News
  1. Expatriate who earns SR 4,000 per month, rejects an offer of SR 3 million for his unique Car Number Plate 
  2. Reasons behind Recent sudden decrease in Petrol Prices
  3. Saudi Football Player Died during Match in Saudi Arabia
  4. Virgin Mobile MEA – 4th Mobile Phone Operator in Saudi Arabia
  5. Saudi Paid SR 300,000/- for one SIM Card
  6. Crossing Red Light will result in 24 hours of Jail
  7. First Cinema in Saudi Arabia in 35 Years
  8. Girl Attacked Haia Members (Mutawas) in Riyadh
  9. Eid ul Adha Holidays starting from September 26
  10. Entry to Makkah is Banned without Hajj Permit
  11. Millionaire Beggar Caught in Makkah
  12. Brother and Sister gave Birth to 8 Children
  13. The Haramain High Speed Train (Pictures)
  14. Black Magic Signs found by HAIA members in Skull of Sheep
  15. Internet User given 10 Years Jail in Saudi Arabia
  16. Expats Salaries up by 25% and Saudis’ down by 1%
  17. Saudi Arabia is Ending Kafeel System


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