Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Category: Punishments under Saudi Laws

Punishments under Saudi Laws
  1. Drinking Alcohol in Saudi Arabia-
  2. Dealing with Drugs or Narcotics in Saudi Arabia
  3. Pornography in Saudi Arabia
  4. Punishment for Non-Muslims for Entering to Makkah and Madina
  5. Punishment of French Kiss in Saudi Arabia
  6. Crimes Punishable by Death in Saudi Arabia
  7. Punishment of Adultery (Zina) and Homosexuality
  8. Trading Visas and Forgery of Documents
  9. Overstaying after Visa (Iqama) Expiry in Saudi Arabia
  10. Return of Deported Expatriates to KSA
  11. Penalties on Working Dependents
  12. Penalties on Working on Visit Visa
  13. Penalties on Iqama Holders by Saudi Government

Some Judicial Punishments
  1. Man Giving “Free Hugs” arrested in KSA
  2. Punishment of Surgical Paralysis for a Saudi Boy to Court


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