Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Children out of Rape are treated Haram

The crime level in Saudi Arabia is although low as compare to other most countries. The rape cases have occurred many a times in the Kingdom despite of strict law and enforcement rules and regulation. Especially Mutawa (Haia) of Saudi Arabia is so active in this regard. Still the trauma has to be faced by a Saudi resident.  The stigma of rape can keep survivor in the same condition even some times for life time. They feel like they will face same situation again and again for life time. Yet strong survivors move on with their live but still hearts bleed.

A woman in Saudi Arabia is still not very safe despite of strict adherence to Islamic laws. Although the crime rate in Saudi Arabia is still very low. The rape survivor may come out of such assault and bad memory but the thing is what about those children who get birth as a result of rape.  Those children which are conceived and come in this world without will of mother and enforcement of a man are just a result of rape. Although they are totally innocent and are not responsible for their mistaking birth, still society never gives them due respect. They are treated life time as if they had a option either to get life or not. This attitude is just unjustified and unbearable for a healthy society.

The subject to this article is a young Saudi woman. She got birth in consequence of such unjustified circumstances. She is termed as “a soulless body” by many authors and this terminology is quite right. Despite of the fact that she is a brave girl she has faced obstacles even from the time when she was not in this world. She is a fighter, survivor and strongest warrior ever on this planet. She is the one who faced the society with courage and bravery. Still she was rejected by her husband due to the facts behind her birth. This is the ugliest part of any culture. It is sadist fact that that brave girl is paying for life time for mistakes of others. Islam teaches lesson of kindness, affection and generosity. That woman is facing obstacles for the reason that someone, sometime caused her to come in Kingdom for which she is never responsible.

The child birth as a result of rape is considered even more condemn-able than the deed of rape. This type of attitude promotes discontent and insecurity in a society. The victim mother who gives birth to the child of a rapist father is ceased to look after him/her for life time. Whereas the rapist father sometimes faces no consequences instead lives a free of charge life. This fact indicates the deadly discrimination factor among genders.  We can wish and take stand for such victims of by spreading awareness for such traumas. It is against the teachings of Islam to alienate and reject such persons of society. The accusers need to be condemned instead of charging innocent aggrieved persons.

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