Friday, October 24, 2014

Dependents can work without Transfer of Sponsorship

I want to remind you that couple of months ago transfer of sponsorship from Iqama holder sponsors to the employers were halted by the Ministry of Labor. We reported this issue in this article “Transfer of Sponsorship from Father to Employer is suspended”. However greatest news of this year for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia was aired by the Saudi Gazette today on October 24, 2014 that Ministry of Labor has decided to allow resident dependents of Iqama holders to work in the private sector even without transferring the sponsorship. Many people contacted me about the expected date of ending this suspension but I did not have any answer. Now I am ready with the answer, yes you can work with any employer anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without even transferring your sponsorship. However, there are some conditions which needs to be fulfilled in order to avail this opportunity. There are some different statements made by the Ministry of Labor in previous days and I want you to read about them before reaching to any conclusion.

  1. On October 24, 2014, Saudi Gazette published news that Ministry of Labor has allowed dependents of expats to work without transferring the sponsorship to employer. We have covered this news in this article “Dependents can work without transfer of sponsorship
  2. On October 28, 2014, Arab News published news that dependent expat teachers are not allowed to work under without transferring sponsorship to the school. We have covered it in this link “Dependent Expat Teachers not allowed to Work
  3. On November 03, 2014 Arab News has published again that only one dependent from each expat family is allowed to work in private school without transferring sponsorship to the school. We have covered it in this link “1 Dependent from Expat Family can Teach without Transfer of Sponsorship

Before this decision, Saudi Government is allowing the dependent expatriates of Iqama holders to work in Schools and Education sector without transferring sponsorship. Now the custodian of the two Holy Mosques has allowed all the dependents of Iqama holders to search for job in Saudi Arabia and start working in the private sector even without transferring sponsorship. However, they can only start working if following conditions are fulfilled;
  1. Dependents must have valid Iqama
  2. Age of dependent must be under 60.
  3. Dependent does not have any work contract with any other company or establishment.
  4. Dependent qualifies for the job over and above any Saudi applicant
  5. There is another Age Restriction for the dependents who are under the sponsorship of Father. Read below

Dependent of Father must be less than 25 Years Old
It is very important to mention here that dependents cannot renew their Iqama under the sponsorship of Father if his age is more than 25. At the age of 18, automatic Iqama renewal is stopped and sponsor must present the educational certificate to the Jawazat to renew their Iqama. In order to know about this rule in detail, please read into this link “Iqama for Dependents after 18 Years”. When dependent of father reaches the Age of 25, he will not be able to renew the Iqama so would not be able to take benefit of this opportunity.

A Step towards Ending of Kafeel System
Some days ago, I shared this news that “Saudi Arabia is Ending Kafeel System” which was treated like a joke by many people. This decision taken by the Saudi Government is speaking evidence and a step towards completely abolishing the Kafeel System from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can read about many other steps taken by the Saudi Government to abolish the Kafeel System in this link “Saudi Arabia is Ending Kafeel System
Source: Saudi Gazette

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