Friday, October 31, 2014

Expatriates with gross monthly Salary of SR 142

The street cleaners in KSA are being offered a very low payroll. Their salary ranges from SR 142-370 per month (Yes it is per month). Such a low salary rate makes it impossible for them to live a life with ease and comfort. These street cleaners are responsible for complete sanitary maintenance of street. This service comprises of 24 hours a day. So duty timing is usually unlimited. As street cleaner is an expatriate, he has to manage all his expenses within this range. He has to pay his livelihood earning. Out of all expenses he has to send back money to his family as well from his hard earned SR 142 per month. All these things are so difficulty and demanding to be managed in such a low salary range. When it comes to accommodation facility, it is usually given by cleaning companies. Despite of this favor, life never becomes easy for a street cleaner. They have to live in small, suffocated crowded area with low living standard. It is difficult to understand misery of such life without actually facing such challenges.

The story does not end here; there are various other problems of these street cleaners. According to these street cleaners, sometimes they have to bear their air ticket expenses out of their own pocket during vacations. They have been called by companies from different countries with many promises of free travelling and accommodation facility. At the end they are asked to pay their travelling charges. These air tickets range from SR 2,000 to SR 2,500. These charges are deducted from their monthly salaries. After deduction of air ticket charges, a street cleaner is left with SR 142 per month.

Reviewing surveys based on major cities of KSA, it depicts that such salary range is usually offered for per hour in private sector to many other employees (not street cleaners obviously). Here street cleaner are helpless to survive on such an hourly rate even for whole month. If we call it lowest salary range around the world it would not go wrong. Such helpless circumstances have dragged such human talent into beggars. They don’t find it shameful anymore to beg to continue their livelihood. At one hand Jeddah municipality offer billions of Saudi Riyals projects to cleaning companies and other way these companies create such helpless conditions. They pertain to retain maximum cost of cleanliness contracts with them as profit. This act of cleaning companies is totally unjustified.

The municipality authority of Jeddah and Riyadh never asked or interrogate such companies for such issue. It is clear that these expats have come in KSA due to promises of these companies of a happy life. After spending too much money or leaving their previous jobs, these workers have no other option but to bear unjustified behavior of these companies. Lack of municipality interest in such an important issue is discouraging workers all over the world to come in KSA for jobs. It also affects credibility of KSA business class. Ministry of labor needs to take immediate step to resolve this issue on emergent basis for wellbeing of society and justice.
Source: Saudi Gazette


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