Sunday, October 19, 2014

Experience of Fake Hajj Tasreeh from Fake Hajj Agent

Our regular reader Mrs. Jan Naseer has just posted her experience of getting fake Hajj tasreeh from fake hajj agent. She became victim of this problem when her agent handed over a fake hajj tasreeh to her. She took help of this blog and checked from the website of Ministry of Hajj that her hajj tasreeh is fake.

Contact with Fake Agent
By seeing advertisement in a leading daily newspaper we contacted to the Hajj Group. They were talking very convincingly. They asked SR 4,500 per person, and then at the end again they asked for SR 300 each. We were ready to give that as well as we wanted to perform the Hajj in an acceptable way. We were checking our Tasreeh in Hajj Ministry website. We couldn’t find it. At last he called us and informed that we got our Tasreeh, but we told that we didn’t see that in website. He told us that it would be uploaded within 48 hrs. He entered into a website where we were able to see our Hajj Tasreeh. He gave the print of that Tasreeh and at that time we started believing in him.

Incident at Makkah check post
We dressed for Hajj and entered into Ihram. We started our journey very happily. Two buses full of people reached near Makkah check post .At that time he told us to get down from the bus .When we (two bus people) got down he asked us to walk beside check post and insisted us not to show our Tasreeh to police. Now we understood that we were cheated. We spent there four hours and everyone started sharing their opinion that they don’t want to perform Hajj in this way. During all this time, he was pretending like he did not know about this. After spending 4 hours in the heat, everyone was tired enough. As we had made intention of Hajj, so people wanted to perform Hajj by hook or crook. In fact, the Hajj agent was also waiting for this time. He started leading them through the mountains of Makkah to enter into Makkah illegally.

Arrested by Police
A group of 5 people including my family were not ready to perform Hajj on fake Hajj Tasreeh. We hired a taxi and started our journey back to Jeddah. Next day, we came to know that through newspaper that the group of 100 people was surrounded by the Police in the mountains. When they got to know that the people are cheated by the Fake Hajj agent, they let the people return back to Jeddah. However, they took finger prints of some people and arrested not less than 6 people from the general public. Obviously, they arrested the fake hajj agent. Alhamdulillah we were safe. It is just because of the kindness of Allah and a solid belief that Hajj should not be performed on the Fake Hajj Tasreeh. At the end, I would like to thank this blog. This is the blog of Life in Saudi Arabia which gave me idea to check my hajj tasreeh before going to Makkah.

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