Sunday, October 5, 2014

FAQ 008: What is Azad or Free Visa in KSA?

Azad (Free) or Free visa as the name suggests is the visa under which you are free to work in Saudi Arabia under any Kafeel. Legally, there is no such visa and I don’t suggest anyone to get this visa. I have listed down all the problems you may face by having Azad (Free) Visa in this link.

Comment 1: Azad or Free Visa: I wanted to ask you that if come there on labor Azad (Free) visa as any profession like plumber, electrician etc. but originally I have computer system engineer degree. Here in Pakistan person who is arranging labor visa said that your Kafeel will help you in change in profession and release until u get job. After getting Iqama there, I will search the job on labor visa. Will it be possible that before job hunting can I change my profession to get better job in big companies? Or company will hire me as network engineer on labor visa. Will company say to me first change your visa profession? Or company will do it by themselves? Is this is legal way to come there. Please suggest me.
Answer by Steve: Company will assist you in changing Iqama profession once you are hired by them. For the answers of other questions, I would strong suggest you to read the article “Azad or Free Visa in Saudi Arabia

Comment 2: Azad or Free Visa: I know one kafeel, he gave following statements, now you suggest me what should I do?

  1. You can work any other company instead of kafeel, (its legal)
  2. You can immediate transfer your Azad (Free) visa
  3. You can work anywhere in kingdom (its legal)
Answer by Steve: I think you did not read the article above. I have already explained;

  1. Yes, you can work but it is illegal.
  2. Yes you can do so in 90% cases
  3. Yes, you can work anywhere in the Kingdom keeping in view my answer of point 1.

Comment 3: Azad or Free Visa: Can you help me about rules for Azad (Free) visa I have few questions. Kindly answer these questions. I am searching for job for last 5 months.

  1. If I purchase independent visa can I work for other company instead of working for Kafeel?
  2. If it is possible so can I transfer visa immediately?
  3. Can I work anywhere inside kingdom on independent visa?

Answer by Steve:

  1. You can work illegally.
  2. Yes, in most of the cases.
  3. Yes, but it is illegal.
  4. I have explained the laws related to it in detail in this article “Azad or Free Visa in Saudi Arabia”.

Comment 4: Azad or Free Visa: Sir; kindly guide me Azad visa in Saudi Arabia is open or not? I have license of driving in European country either it is valid in Saudi Arabia? I want to come on driving visa please help.

Answer by Steve: I have explained about it in detail in this article “Azad or Free Visa in Saudi Arabia”.

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