Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Father Stones her Daughter to Death under ISIS

“I say to every woman: preserve your honor ... and I appeal to every father to pay attention to the surroundings your daughter lives in” Last words of the woman who was stoned to death by her father for the crime of adultery.

News has reported to have said that in Beirut a Saudi man has been found taking part in his daughter’s stoning to death. Why would he even do that? Well the media tells us exactly why. An intense video has been put up on ‘YouTube’ by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (You can watch this video below) which gives all the answers you need. While along with the social media, a Syrian observatory was also present there on behalf of the human rights association who stated that this execution took place in august or September in an IS controlled rural area in the east or the central province of Hama.  Coming forward to the video, it shows the clear appearance of the father of the daughter who was typically dressed like a Syrian countryside man; in a white robe and checkered headdress. This is just not it, behind the father we see a bearded, heavy built gunman standing who addresses the young black-clad daughter in using the verses of the Qur’an. The gunman looks up at the young lady and exclaims “The punishment is the result of crimes which you committed under no duress,” “You must accept the punishment of God. Do you accept the punishment of God?”

The daughter filled with guilt and regret nods her head in resentment realizing her mistake she looks up to her father and asks for forgiveness, telling him that she does realize what wrong she has done and that there is no forgiveness for this act, not in this world not here after. The father full of hatred for the daughter for committing such sin which had no coming back does not forgive the daughter. Though after the immense pleading of the assembled IS fighters, they finally succeeded in making the father relent his daughter.

This didn’t change the fate of that lady but it did help her feel a less burdened though she was still going to be stoned. Before the stoning could take place the women was asked to speak briefly if she had to say something which was on her mind. The lady filled with regret addressed to the people around her that “I say to every woman: preserve your honor ... and I appeal to every father to pay attention to the surroundings your daughter lives in.” As soon as her declamation finished her father tied a rope around her waist and forced her to lie down. The IS gunman then ordered the punishment of stoning her to death to take place in which her father actively participated.

As far as the thoughts of the father were concerned as to why he did, what he did, the video clearly justifies his acts. The man states the he had planned his own daughter’s death as he had found out that she had been actively taking part in alleged adultery. Putting forward the words of the man he states that her daughter must be punished for what she did; a sin which cannot be forgiven or asked repentance from.

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