Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fox Burnt Alive by Saudi Guy

Animals just like humans are the creation of Allah and He preaches man to be kind to His creations. However, history has witnessed to the reality that humans who are Allah’s most intelligent creations are unfortunately also the most cruel and ruthless. Animal cruelty is a very common practice throughout the world where cosmetics are initially tested on animals and their fur is used to create the best-selling jackets and snakeskin bags all over the world.  The most recent example of this cruelty was witnessed at Sarat Abeedah in the Asir Province of Saudi Arabia where young men caught a fox and burnt it alive and also recorded the cruel act which spread like a wild fire on social media. You can see the cruel video below.

The fox supposedly ate 30 of their chickens and hence they deemed it a suitable punishment to catch and burn the fox alive. This act has been condemned by people all over social media and also by the authorities. Prince Bandar Bin Mohammad Al-Saud who is head of NCWCD, has promised that the culprits will be caught and punished. He also added that Islam asks humans to be kind and merciful to animals and other species and people should understand that the law has strict punishment for anyone involved in this ruthless act.  People need to realize the fact that animals are also Allah’s creations and they are innocent.

It was completely natural of the fox to eat the chickens as that is what they feed on. Yes, one can kill such wild animals if they harm them or their belongings but torturing them is simply not acceptable. They cannot speak or communicate their pain to us and hence they are innocent creatures. It is a highly condemnable act that these men have performed. They do not realize that they will be questioned for their each and every deed in the afterlife and they will be punished for killing an innocent animal and not only killing them but also torturing them. Many people hunt wild animals but that is not prohibited as there is no cruelty involved.

There is a dire need to understand the correct teachings of Islam and to not consider one invincible. Allah has clearly said that it is only He who has the right to take a life and not any human. And those who think they are very powerful and cannot be harmed by anything or anyone are so wrong. Allah is the only Almighty and all-knowing and He does not like people who are cruel.

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