Saturday, October 11, 2014

3 Basic Hijab Styles every woman should know in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi dress code for women Hijab is the essential element. It comprises of a loose gown type cloth which covers whole body from toe to head called Abaya. For head covering scarf is usually used with a veil that covers mouth. This dress code is must for women residing in Saudi Arabia. Those who don’t follow this are punished with fine and even imprisonment. Even those resident women of Saudi Arabia who are not Muslims still they have to follow this dress code. One can say it as a uniform of women residing in Saudi Arabia without it they can’t come out of her place. Like changing trends all over the world Saudi women too want to adapt according to modern styles. But in case they have to follow a specific Hijab style they find it difficult to refresh themselves by change in style. Being fashionable is the inborn quest of a girl. Despite of strict Hijabi trend Saudi women have made several innovations in Hijab style in order to fulfill fashion needs. Several new styles in Hijab have been introduced by Saudi female designers. Few of them have described below.

The Hijab style common in Saudi Arabia is known as Shayla (shawl). In this Hijab a rectangular piece of cloth covers head and drapes over the shoulders. This style is not only adopted in Saudi Arabia. It is also famous in other Gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Iraq. In order to modify this Hijab style women normally tie up hairs as high tail pony or oversized clips. After that they cover the head with a cap inside the Hijab. The cap covers the forehead part of face as well with head. After that Shayla is to be placed. It is kept at the place by using brooches, clips and fancy pins. These accessories give beauty to the outlook of Hijab.

Al Amira
This Hijab style is a little bit conservative than Shayla in this style the face is framed with a big cloth. The Hijab drapes down to shoulder and there it is adjusted around the shoulders.  In order to give it beauty and style women use to clip the cloth on shoulder with colorful and fancy brooches and pins as in Shayla. It covers the head more widely than Shayla as it goes down the shoulder and covers the frond part of body as well.

This type of Hijab is used to cover not only head but also the shoulder and arms of women. It consists of a large piece of cloth that covers the face. It drapes even below shoulders and goes beyond her arms and torso. Although it is difficult to main style in this type but still use of fancy cloth for Hijab and clips and pins make it presentable.

Purpose of Hijab
Hijab is a precautionary measure pronounced for women safety by Allah. It keeps a woman sacred and protected. Although such a strict environment of Saudi Arabia makes it suffocated, still the purpose of Hijab is to keep women away from harm.


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