Thursday, October 23, 2014

Housemaid Impregnated by Boy of 13 Years

Yes guys you heard it right, a boy impregnated his housemaid at the age of thirteen. (Too keen to have your own child already eh?) too hard to believe but this is 101% authentic, as it is published in Emirates Newspaper. An Indonesian at the age of 32 gave birth to a baby boy in Manama. After authenticating the DNA of the baby boy, we draw these unimaginable conclusions that the son was the housemaid’s employer’s thirteen year old son.

13 Years Old Boy Rapes 32 Years Old Housemaid
The young boy, well I must say not so young anymore is now titled as Bahrain’s youngest father. The housemaid who was on trial in the gulf island nation spoke no truth in order to save her from different kinds of accusations. She first stated that that thirteen year boy had raped her (wait a minute, are you serious? It makes no sense. 13 rapes 32? You sure ma’am? ) well the truth finally wove its way out the housemaid’s mouth when she was pressed by the police investigators. I mean it had to; a lie doesn’t really hides for long you see. The young boy had a lawyer, oh so fascinating. Acting all grown up already? Well the young boy’s lawyer Ibtisam Al Sabbagh, quoted by CNN Arabia satellite TV news channel, reported that the housemaid had managed to hide her pregnancy from her employers for several months before she was about to board a flight for her home country. (Why would she do that on the first place?) but her plan actually failed and she went through premature labor  in the bathroom of her employee before her flight.

Was She Really Raped?
At first she claimed that she was raped and that she had no connection with the boy whatsoever and to save her respect she was flying back home but when she was pushed for more information and was threatened to tell the truth whatever it was she finally blurted out that she had a relationship with that thirteen year boy and there was not any kind of ‘forceful sex’ involved in this relationship as she stated before. Why would she even want to get in a sexual intercourse with a thirteen year old boy? I mean come on, that’s not any kind of relationship, it’ called babysitting. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this matter as her intentions will soon be disclosed.
Source: Emirates News


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