Monday, October 6, 2014

High Diversion Rate of Islam to Atheism (No Religion) in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Kingdom is known as a symbol of Islam since Holy Prophet PBUH conquered Mecca. Although there are 47 Islamic states in world but Saudia is specifically considered as central point of Islam. The main reason of this is presence of Masjid e Harram over there. The country is strict regarding Islamic rules and their implementation. People have to follow strict disciplinary rules especially regarding opposite sex interaction. Women are not allowed to move outside freely and alone. Men are not allowed to interact with females directly. Despite of such restrict rules and regulatory measures and presence of symbol of Islam AL Harram Mosque, people diversion rate towards atheism is increasing day by day. Atheism refers to the act of nullifying existence and presence of any God in world. Atheism fall in category of totally non believers of Allah and are termed as “Murtad”. The one who steps back from Islam after took the oath of being Muslim. The punishment of an Apostate (Murtad) is to be executed right the way after he confesses being an apostate.

During 2013 a young Saudi man 23 years old tweeted on famous social media network. In his tweet he confessed for being inspired by charismatic personality of Holy Prophet PBUH. Further he mentioned that despite of this inspiration he totally nullifies his divinity. This act caused authorities to release a warrant against him. He tried to escape by leaving kingdom but got captured while changing flight in Malaysia. Now he is waiting for his punishment that would probably be capital punishment. The enactment of a blasphemy bill this year in April is a major step towards prohibition of atheism in kingdom. It states that all non believers are terrorists and must be executed. Despite of such strict punishment for this act the statistics of atheism is increasing day by day in state.

Several Humanist and libertarian society of US and Europe have raised voice over blasphemy law. They are trying to promote anti blasphemy bill according to which religion is totally a personal matter of an individual. This bill may bind state from putting charge over any religious issue; moreover it promotes liberty of opinion up to a dangerous level. Although it is just presented in US but it covers whole world in the name of freedom of opinion. A human right activist Fahad Al Fahad reported that a poll in 2012 states that 0.05 % of Saudis has been convinced toward Atheism. This percentage is quiet high for such a conservative country like Saudia, where liberalism is quiet suppressed.

Another main reason reported by masses for conversion towards atheism is quiet strict environment of Kingdom. This imposed religious controversy caused a suffocated environment for individuals. Women feel captured by strict Hijab rules, they can’t move out freely, can’t drive, and are bind to dress according to special code of conduct. These all factors push masses towards rebellious attitude and it motivates them to retaliate the imposed laws.

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