Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Punishment of French Kiss in Saudi Arabia

Public Display of Affection is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia which includes kissing to the opposite sex. Today, I came with the topic of consequences one has to face if he is found kissing to his wife or someone who is not his wife in Saudi Arabia. I am writing this article from the point of view of “Male” gender but same rules apply on the female as well. Simple means you cannot even kiss your wife in open. I know it is too restrictive but it also gives a sense of security to the women and men. Dating with opposite gender is also not allowed.

As mentioned earlier, Public Display of Affection or in other words hugging, kissing and other this kind of acts are not allowed in public. They say that it creates an uncomfortable situation for the others. You can hold the hand of your wife and walk in the mall but not kissing. Even holding hand of your girlfriend is not allowed in the mall. Kissing your wife in the public or holding hands of your girlfriend is such a crime which can result in prison followed by lashes on the back of both male and female. Now the question arises, is this crime so bad that consequences lead to lashes? Lashes here pertain to the solid lashes not like humpty dumpty lashes. I don’t think a normal person remain alive if he is lashed 100 times at one time.

Punishment of Kissing in Public
I don’t know about the particular reference in the Saudi Laws of the punishment of kissing your wife or anyone else in public but I know about a case in which couple was punished hardly. Al-Yom newspaper which is government owned newspaper has reported a case when man was sentenced to 4 months prison along with 90 lashes on his back. He will be lashed on installments on weekly or monthly basis as per his ease. You can read about this case in detail in this link “Man caught Kissing a Girl in KSA”.

Lesson from the Story
I know it is difficult for many western expatriates to live in such situation since they are grown up in an entirely opposite environment but still when you are living in a country, you don’t have a right to violate the rules of that country. Commission for thePromotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) is a very active religious police in Saudi Arabia and they have zero tolerance regarding this kind of acts.

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