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KSA is more Expatriate Friendly than USA and UK, says HSBC

Will you believe it if I tell you that this Kingdom; Saudi Arabia was ranked the top 28th amongst the 34 countries most suitable for the living of expatriates? Well, of course you’ll believe it because I mean it is quite obvious. This classification was done after an opinion poll was conducted by one of the world’s most flourishing banking institution. This was a HSBC poll took the date from the individuals based upon their choice of lavish lifestyle in terms of salary, quality of living and education for their children in a foreign country. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was ranked the 28th out of 34 countries. You must be thinking, if there is any country in the world which can be less expatriate friendly than Saudi Arabia? Yes there are 6 more countries.

USA and UK are less Expatriates friendly than Saudi Arabia
The top position was handed over to Switzerland just as it was done the year before as well and then followed by Singapore, China and Germany.  Then comes Bahrain which was ranked the top 5th amongst the gulf countries and other countries like Qatar, Oman and the UAE were ranked 13th, 14th and 15th respectively. Kuwait filled the 29th spot which isn’t that bad after all. Then comes the 30th place which was covered by the United States and then the 31st, 32nd, 33rd, and 34th was handed over to Italy, Brazil, Britain and the last one was Egypt. Trust me on this when I say that the authenticity of the HSBC poll in the global world is really high since this poll is considered to be one of the best and largest poll when it comes to the viewpoints and thoughts of the expatriates.  

Demographics of the Participants of the Poll
Do you have any idea how much are these expats who participated in the poll actually enjoying annually? Then let me shock you that according to the HSBC poll, we figured out that over a quarter of expats who participated in the poll receive more than $200,000 annually and not only this, they are living off a better life over here than they would in their own home countries. Now as to why Switzerland got rated as the top expatriate country is because according to the HSBC press, the expatriates stated that because of the pollution free, beautiful and refreshing environment, it enables their children to live a safer and healthier life if compared to living in their previous homes. So are you now well impressed by these countries? Planning to change your town anytime soon? Then what are you waiting for, pick up those documents, fill up your suitcases and fly your way towards a better, brighter and happier future.

Why USA and UK are less Expatriate Friendly than KSA?
Now you can understand why people have voted for Saudi Arabia as more friendly for expatriates than USA and UK. Majority of the people who participated in the poll are receiving as much as SR 62,500/- per month. Well, if you are getting this much amount every month I am sure you will also vote for Saudi Arabia as the best place to live in after your home. I challenge the credibility of this survey as there are hundreds of thousand people who are getting less than SR 2,000 per month. Ask them to participate in this poll to get the accurate results.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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