Sunday, October 26, 2014

Man Giving “Free Hugs” is Arrested in KSA

It’s not that easy to leave your own country and simple as it seems and settle in another without having any idea about how the system works here. I’ve been in Saudi Arabia since quite a time now and I don’t really think that things over here have quite improved except for those very few rights given to women. A man named Bandar Al Swaid was jailed along with this other man named Abdulrahman al-Khayyal. The question though still remains why? Well, it’s going to be hard to take it in but yes these both men were held in jail cell for following the conspiracy of ‘free hugs’. For someone who has no idea about this conspiracy it consists of giving random people free hug promoting love and care to lessen their everyday stresses. Despite holding sign boards of free hugs they got arrested for hugging three Saudi men for “violating local laws and engaging in exotic practices.” (They weren’t women)

Women in Saudi are fighting for their rights, posting pictures and videos of themselves behind the wheels stating that they can’t depend on their males to drive them everywhere. They don’t even have much transport facilities. It’s like they can’t move without their men, they are stuck. Though some families have kept drivers for their women but since there are not much drivers available not everyone can find such convenience.

Okay for once I can think this fight is not just about men and women when I came across the news that people serving the Saudi companies for decades, who leave their own family and country and come serve theirs, they face murder attempts just because according to the locals they are taking their ‘place’ in employment sector and then they are sent back to their homelands. This is just not it; these outsiders live a life where many working rights are not given. They still do jobs which none of the Saudi local would do as he would think that this job doesn’t suit his status. This fight is not just about jobs, it’s about not getting equal rights. (Honestly Saudi locals are more powerful than they seem, why would anyone even try to take their place?)

To be very honest the complaint list just doesn’t stop here, it goes on and on. Let’s face it, no matter how hard the Saudi government tries to satisfy the expats it never will be enough. It’s not because they don’t give them their deserving rights but it’s because the life you live in your own native country can never be compared to a life you live some place else.
Source: Arab News

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