Monday, October 27, 2014

Money Back Guaranteed Marriages in Saudi Arabia

A strange story came into light in a famous TV show few months ago, according to which a very old man got married to a very young girl. The man is of 90 years old and the girl is just 14. The man married such a small and young girl by paying huge Mehar money to her family. He paid $20,000 for marriage to take place. The family guaranteed him that if the marriage would not last for more than six month they would be liable to return the money. Initially the couple was happy with the new marriage.

With time he realized that his bride has totally different interests. She does not want to listen to old classical music with him. She had no interest in activities which were liked and appreciated by her husband. All the day she kept on spending time with port painting, social network surfing or other activities. The couple could not resist such a huge personality differences. The biggest reason of this difference was obviously generation gap. The groom is of bride’s grandfather age or even elder to him. Such crucial difference made the man realized that they are no more for each other.

The groom from Jizan Province decided to divorce his new bride. For that reason he wants to get back marriage money (Mehar) money which he paid to bride’s family. As this was decided before, if marriage did not last for six months he would take his money back. The question has become a hot debate in social circles. Islam never allows a groom to take marriage money (Mehar) at the time of divorce. In case a man or family violates this rule with any money back guarantee agreement he challenges limits of Islam. A groom has to pay money at the time of marriage to bride according to her demands and his ability. Once this money is paid it is non returnable money according to rules of Islam. Taking money back is a non Islamic ritual.  

The biggest social problem is to be faced by the girl now. Will she be accepted by her family with an open heart welcome after they have to pay back huge amount to groom? The future of bride is totally at risk now. She is not a virgin any more, this fact can be proved as a stain for her future to make her incapable for first wife. This incident is pretty enough to make her happiness fade for life time.

Such a young girl shall be treated as a second third or fourth wife material, this is expected now. The biggest unjustified act was that she was married to such an old person without taking into account age difference. Secondly her right for Mehar was impaired with money back guarantee contract by her family. Ministry of social affairs has to intervene in such matters. The regulation has already been imposed by the Ministry of Interior about these matters but they need to be implemented forcefully.


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