Monday, October 27, 2014

Private Schools to hike fees by 25-35% this Year

In KSA increasing trend of private schooling has caused so many financial difficulties for parents. Private sector schooling is gaining fame among natives of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These private schools comprises of local and international schooling systems. International schools have increased their fees schedule up to 25-35 % this year. This trauma has not only created curbs for parents to pay their children fees but also have affected governmental school system. General view about private school section is that it is a strategic partner of governmental sector. This section of education is expected to take special care about education of students in their self grooming and awareness building. Opposing this fact many school don’t pay attention to core cause of private schools. Quality education is compromised at the cost of profit making. The basic purpose of those schools is to earn money and not to pay attention to educational purpose.

According to a member of Saudi Economic Association high status sections of KSA and expats get their children admitted in private school for better education. Private schools earn about 40 % of total fees of school business in Kingdom. Such huge revenue makes this profession a profitable business.  In a survey about private sector schools different opinion of public has taken into account. A native Hussain Mustafa told about his problem. His two children are enrolled in a private elementary school. He came across for further submission of SR 2,000 by a private school administration if he wants to continue studies of his children in school. When he protested against this abrupt and unjustified increase in fees by school management, he was told that ministry has allowed this increase in fees by private school. This was an annoying fact that left citizen with no choice to submit money in any case.

The fees of private schools these days in KSA have risen to such an extent that even more than household expenses. Private schools put burden over parents even for any minor increase in expenses of school management. Another native told that his child’s school increased his fees just due to the reason that the school recruited new teachers for school. The school got permission from ministry for increase in fees rate to compensate management for recruitment charges. This factor put parents in great trouble who can’t afford such increase in fees.

Private school sector is earning even more than some universities fees. They claim that they provide best and quality base for a child’s education. There are many factors which contribute towards unjustified increase in fees every year. Government has minimal check on these schools and people are keener to get their children admitted in private schools. These factors give an open hand to schools to raise fee level every year. These schools offer English based education to children, so people prefer this school over governmental schools. These factors cause and imbalance in supply and demand forces. This imbalance leads to rapid increase in private school charges.

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