Saturday, October 25, 2014

Property on the Name of Kafeel

I have some property on the name of Kafeel, no Kafeel is not giving it back to me, what course of action can I adopt?

Question by Visitor
Hello, my father was been born and brought up in Saudi Arabia. However, by the time he was born he could not get the nationality since the rule was changed on giving out nationalities, therefor his brother became his Kafeel. My father had bought a house under his brothers name and now his brother without telling my father has put the house under a mortgage claiming that it is his own house and now my uncle is refusing to write on a piece of paper to prove that it is not actually is house. What shall my father do, my house is at risk if my uncle isn't going to pay the mortgage. Please Help!

Answer by Steve
It happens when you do something illegally. Your father was not allowed to hold any property under his ownership. Brother of your father is actually legal owner of the property. He has all the rights to do everything with this property. You can challenge him in the court but ultimately nothing will happen. If you have some proof that your father gave some money to his brother, you can sue him in the court to give you back that money. This is maximum you can do. Only other way is asking him to give sell this house and pay you proceeds of sale on ethical grounds.


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