Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Punishment of Surgical Paralysis for a Saudi Boy by Court

Court of law in Saudi Arabia has never even considered awarding surgical paralysis as a punishment to a man as he has already paralyzed another human being. This statement was officially issued by the Ministry of Justice after a series of news being on aired on different TV channels and newspapers that a Saudi Judge is going to award paralysis as punishment because same injury was caused by him to one of his friends a decade ago. The representative of Ministry of Justice condemned the reports published by media about this case and declared them untrue. He urged the media to verify the facts and figures before something is on aired as it is a matter of prestige of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This news is about a case under proceeding in a court in Tabuk. The accused, Al-Khawahir is a 24 years old man and he has attacked his friend in a fight about 10 years ago and the aggrieved Mr. Abdul Aziz got injured and paralyzed since then. Mr. Abdul Aziz during the proceedings of the case pleaded that the person who attacked him and made him paralyze shall also be given same punishment, so that the person who committed the crime of paralyzing him shall suffer with the same injury and pain. After this demand being pleaded by the plaintiff, merely a discussion has taken place about this situation. Some media channels irresponsibly on aired the news as if it is the punishment of paralysis awarded by the court to the culprit. The newspapers and channels, many of them were western, initially reported that court is making arrangements to surgically paralyze the culprit for the enforcement of Shariah law. Later, it was also reported that this will be done if the accused fails to pay blood money to the victim.

Even after the situation being cleared by the Ministry of Justice that no such punishment is announced and was never even under consideration, the propaganda continued. CNN reported that the Saudi officials have back stepped from the initial stance of surgical paralysis. Sheikh Saud Al-Yousef the President of Court of Tabuk where the case was under proceeding, told the media that just to convince the plaintiff about impossibility of the demand made by him, the court has inquired the surgical specialists if it is possible to cause same harm (without exaggeration equal to a smallest particle) to the accused. The proceedings are still pending in this case and no verdict has been issued by court. He also maintained that although the plaintiff has made demand of similar punishment for the attacker but only possibility in this case seems to be the award of blood money for the plaintiff.

The aggrieved person and plaintiff in this case Mr. Abdul Aziz talked to media and told that the attacker stabbed him with a large knife in his back and he got paralyzed. The accused has also made a confession about this crime and he was given a general sentence of seven months only. Now, when the situation is made clear by various high ranked officials, there shall be no room for false propaganda but sadly many so called champions of humanity kept on yelling as if the culprit is going to be paralyzed as a result of officially announced punishment. Organizations for human rights such as Amnesty International issued a statement that such punishment will be considered a violation of human rights and will be violation of the UN Convention (signed by Saudi Arabia as well) against torture. International laws for human rights will consider such punishment as inhuman and degrading.

The crux of whole situation is that no punishment such as surgical paralysis has ever been considered to be announced. Many high ranked officials have tried to clarify the situation but despite all this, there are certain western organizations and media groups those are carrying on the debate on human rights. It seems that these organizations have some special sympathy for the attacker and the pain and paralysis for life being suffered by the aggrieved person is of no value. People of Saudi Arabia consider this as unethical and false propaganda against the state. The Western countries are always continuing a debate on corporal punishments announced in the Kingdom and always a debate of human rights is started. These countries and human rights champions shall look at the situation of law and order in their own countries. The Kingdom and its officials know better how to run the affairs of state and how to give the humans their rights. The countries having a continued history of murder hysteria often found in their common citizens shall not be worried about the affairs of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, where by the way, situation of peace is very much better than any of the western countries.

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