Friday, October 17, 2014

Rapist of 5 Years Old Daughter is a Mutawwa

Parents are considered to be a child’s mentor, inspiration and ideals, especially in the child’s early years. They are the very first people that the child gets exposed to and looks up to. They teach him how to walk, talk and provide him with all his necessities. It is also a fact that a child feels safe and protected when he is with his parents. But what if one of those parents is the one a kid should fear? What 5 year old Lama went through is a perfect example of this situation. Her inhuman psychotic father raped her many times and tortured ruthlessly. According to a report, the little girl was raped “everywhere”. Her anal cavity was “torn open”.

Born to an Egyptian mother and a Saudi father, Lama started living with her mother after her parents’ divorce. Soon after, Lama’s father, Sheikh Fayhan Al Ghamdi, took custody of Lama claiming that he was worried about her “virginity” and took her to a medical practitioner for getting it checked. However, it was after this that Lama’s nightmare began. Ghamdi started raping 5 year old Lama and also tortured her ruthlessly. The details are not for the weak-hearted. According to a report, the little girl was raped “everywhere”. Her anal cavity was “torn open”. She was also electrocuted and beaten with blunt and sharp objects, whips and electrical cables. Some of her nails were ripped out, and the side of her head was smashed in. As if all this wasn’t enough torture to satisfy the devil’s inhumane psychotic needs, he also tried to cauterize her anal cavity with a burning iron. Additionally, nurses also reported that her back and arms were broken and her skull was fractured.

Lama spent around 10 months in the intensive care unit after which she passed away. Her mother was not allowed to meet her and could only see her in the intensive unit. When she asked Ghamdi as to why he had tortured Lama, he replied with a “chuckle”. Sheikh Fayhan Al Ghamdi is a well known Islamic preacher who presents a show on television. It has been decided that he will not get a death penalty (as he should for murder), but will have to pay blood money to Lama’s mother. Blood money for a girl is half of the amount that is paid for a boy. He will also receive 4 months in jail and all other charges are to be dropped.

This decision is supposedly based on a hadith, which according to many bloggers is not in the main collection of hadiths, which says that a father cannot be executed for murdering his child. There has been a very strong reaction from bloggers and activists against this injustice and many activists including Manal al-Sharif have raised their voices for Lama. Her mother wants to bring Ghamdi to justice but does not have any money. There have been recent developments in the case where Ghamdi has been sentenced to 8 years in jail and 800 lashes for his crime after his ex-wife decided to drop the case for death penalty and opted for the blood money instead. According to her, she has three other kids to take care of and her financial condition is not stable enough to support them.

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