Friday, October 31, 2014

Real Scorpion King - Saudi ate 22 scorpions alive

Love and fame are two of the most powerful forces that drive people insane. The things people love to do for them! The things Saudi Arabians like to do for them. Despite the fact that it has become old news now, the crazy guy belonging to Saudi Arabia who ate 22 live scorpions is still a pretty crazy memory in our minds, today. Any rational human being watching the video would give disgusted looks, which is quite understandable. I, on the other hand, found it to be quite an amusing performance. Mmmm, finger lickin’ good, indeed! The way he was licking those creepy-crawlies off his hand was tantalizing. Saudis do know how to tease you.

However, when it came to my notice that he beat the previous record by one scorpion, something did not just feel right. In the initial seconds of the video, I actually mistook this guy for a scorpion-fetishist, so I was okay with his passion for scorpions. Had he truly been passionate about his favorite diet, he should not have stopped at 22. I am overwhelmed with disappointment because this person got my hopes all high. Well, nonetheless, at least this guy got ‘full of himself’ in the end. Get it? 

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