Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Procedure to reset the Password of Abshir (MOI) account

Ministry of Interior has provided the platform to do so many government related activities online. Now we can do so many things online for which we had to stand in the queues for hours. Now you can apply for exit re-entry visa, extend family visit visa, apply for permanent family visa online. The list of activities you can do online now using your MOI account is very long and I would appreciate if you visit this link for further details about it. Recommended: Online Abshir (MOI) Services

After visiting the above mentioned link, you must have realized how important it is to have access to the MOI account all the time. In case you forget your MOI account password, you have nothing to worry about. By following the below mentioned 4 steps to reset the password of MOI account, you can recover it very easily.

First of all, you need to go to the MOI website and click on the reset button as shown in the attached screenshot.

A new page will be opened where you have to enter your Iqama number, your mobile number already registered with MOI and the code given in the image.

As soon as you press the “Next” button, the system will take you to a new screen from where you have to authenticate the process by entering any one of the “passport number”, “dependent’s iqama number” or “Iqama Expiry Date”.

After successfully inputting this detail, MOI system will send you a text message on the registered mobile number. You have to write the code given in the text message in the box. Next screen will ask you to change your password. That’s it!

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