Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Saher System of Traffic Regulations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saher system in an automated traffic control system in Saudi Arabia. It is complete and well equipped network of digital cameras and online monitoring system linked with national information center of Ministry of Interior. This system has established in all big cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saher system of traffic monitoring has a strong check on traffic flow through satellite system. The Saher system of traffic has special features such as auto vehicle location, variable message sings, closed circuit TV, Law enforcement system and Traffic management system. This system has a network in eight major cities of Kingdom. It comprises of a compact system of command and control centers. Through these control centers traffic flow in all 8 cities is to be monitored.

Traffic management system comprises of automated traffic movement check. Through Green wave system traffic is regulated at each and every signal. These signals are automated and control flow of traffic by giving a pause in traffic flow of each side after a minute. By auto vehicle system police traffic mobiles locate any emergency in seconds and reach there to resolve the problem. These mobiles are well equipped and have latest technology systems.

Special features
Saher system introduces electronic system for checking entrance and exit of vehicles in major cities. This system gives an overview of total vehicles entered and left the city. It also helps in search of lost vehicles by recognition of number plates. The road side sign that has neon gas in them serves purpose of guideline for motorist on roads especially on high ways. In order to get license for vehicle driving citizens first have to learn the purposes of these signs. Closed circuit cameras help in online monitoring of traffic flow. The most important function of Saher system of traffic monitoring is functioning of radars for monitoring of traffic flow. This system need no human resource for its functioning and works even more than a traffic warden. In case of violation of any traffic rule it issues challenges and tickets to motorists.

Technical aspects of Saher System
  1. It provides live monitoring of traffic in all major cities of kingdom without any break for 24/7 hours
  2. It offers better management of traffic and shows a steady flow of vehicles
  3. It detects any emergency or accident in seconds and enables police to solve the problem in minimum time span
  4. It introduces traffic patrol system in order to minimize accidents on roads.
  5. It enables an automated law checker online without need of any human management system.
  • It offers automated controls of against violation of traffic rules and regulations. 
  • Main objectives of the Saher system
  • It helps out in improvement of traffic safety rules in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It has brought advancement in traffic control system on road networks of Kingdom
  • It enhances public security and safety concerns for traffic systems.
  • It ensures and regulates implementation of traffic rules in a stricter manner than typical traffic control system management by human resources.


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