Thursday, October 9, 2014

Saudi Footbal Player died during Match in Jeddah

A famous Saudi football player died while playing. Medics could not actually diagnose the real reason that caused the death to happen. Reports say that Yasser Hoosawi, being a key player in Alittihad club, was playing the match against another local club Al Shabab in the western Red sea port of Jeddah. While playing match normally he abruptly collapsed down and the moment medics rushed in to the playground they found him dead.

Such a sudden death put other players and every one in play ground in the state of shock. There was no reason which could be mentioned as cause of death. People say that he might be suffering from inner disease that could not be diagnosed and resulted in his death. These are just assumptions. No one can predict the actual reason behind such a sudden and shocking death.  Generally reasons behind sudden deaths are cardiac arrest normally. During this disaster the oxygen supply to heart gets short that leads to slow or no pumping of blood to other organs of body. Lack of blood supply abruptly stops body functioning that in major cases leads to colaps in human body.

The last message of Yasser Hoosawi on social media website Tweeter was “My Lord…let those who I had put a smile on their mouths pray for me to have your mercy when I am gone.” This message depicts that he might be suffering from some calamity or may be he put this status just as a co incidence. God knows better the fact but apparently his death is a big trauma especially for Saudi football industry. May his soul rest in peace Amen!

Although death is immortal threat to humans satisfied life but majority deaths come after displaying symbols. The most tragic deaths are those which occur suddenly. Accidents and cardiac arrests that lead to death are normally witnessed in sudden death cases. There are some other surprising and shocking cases of deaths.  Since the creation of this universe death is the biggest reality of this world. The one who got birth he has to pass through this process of degeneration. Many diseases diagnosed since centuries and cure to them have been discovered or created. Death is the only trauma which has no cure. There is no remedy in this world which stops, mitigate or eliminate this biggest reality of human life. No matter how much success one has gained in life, how much fame got or what level of wealth is earned. Death makes every thing meaningless.

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