Friday, October 31, 2014

Saudi Woman demands divorce as her husband sneaks one look at her face after 30 years

It is a common perception that after many years of marriage, spouses are not that much crazy about each other’s personality. It is human nature, if a thing is available for lifetime it gradually loses its value. In KSA few tribes or families follow a strange tradition. They don’t even allow a woman to unveil her face in front of her husband. These women keep on covering their features for whole life. Even in privacy with their spouses.

There are some cases in KSA, where spouses have spent decades without seeing their wives faces. A same case came into spotlight few days back. In Khamis Mushayat, a 50 years old woman demanded divorce from her husband after a long period of their marriage. The incident which caused this demand was of some strange nature. Actually the woman used to follow her family tradition. In her family, women used to cover their faces even from their husbands for lifetime. Men who marry them, they first have to accept this condition. Once they have accepted the terms and conditions they are bound to follow it for the whole life. Otherwise the woman can claim separation.

It is reported that husband of 50 years old woman tried to unveil her face many times during their married life but never got success. But one night that 50 year old woman found her husband sneaking at her face during her sleep after 30 years of marriage. He out of curiosity, one night when she was sleeping with veil on her face tried to remove veil to see her face. He repeated this act twice until his wife woke up. She caught him red handed while he was trying to sneak at her face. She angrily asked him to divorce her at the spot. Although he got terrified by the situation and apologized her for his act, but she still wants divorce. He promised again and again never to repeat the same mistake but she is not willing to stay with him anymore. According to her family tradition she is right but according to Quran and Sunnah it is totally ethics of Islam.

Despite of being Muslim this is not the first case in KSA history of such nature. There were several many other cases which occurred before where a man Ali tried to see face of his wife after a decade of their marriage. She abruptly decided to leave his house. He promised her not to intend it again in order to retain her. There are cases with 40, 50 and 60 years marriages where husbands are deprived of even a single look of their wives. It sounds so strange and against nature of humans. The simple concept of these women regarding this tradition is that they are married because they are in love with each others soul, not with faces or appearance. It seems impossible but it actually happens in some remote areas of KSA and Gulf. As general opinion it is impossible to remain married with anyone with such restriction.
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